Our Practice Areas

  • Tort and Negligence Litigation

With decades of experience representing individuals and small businesses, Beach Law Group, LLP works to help our clients plan for their futures and proceed with confidence. Our civil litigation attorneys bring extensive experience in our representation of matters involving wrongful death, personal injury, premises liability, property damage, and economic loss.

  • Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse and Neglect

The extensive and vigorous trial work of our attorneys has resulted in legal precedents that continue to shape the implementation of the statutory framework of the Elder and Dependent Adult Care Protection Act (EDACPA) since its enactment in 1994. Our firm continues to lead this field in the defense of elder abuse and neglect claims advanced against healthcare facilities, health and human service providers, non-profit organizations and public entities.

  • Healthcare and Human Services Provider Liability

The attorneys of the Beach Law Group, LLP bring decades of experience, knowledge and skill to the table in handling issues surrounding the standard of care, legal duties and ethics, government regulation, compliance, and administrative law that impact the provision of healthcare and human services.

  • Claims Against Non-Profit Organizations and Employees

We are passionate about advocating, supporting and defending non-profits and the people behind them and believe these entities must have a firm on their side with the legal expertise required to undertake their defense. We assist our clients in navigating the legal protections and immunities afforded to charitable entities and the patchwork of laws and regulations governing the liability of non-profit organizations.

  • Public Entity Tort Liability

The Beach Law Group, LLP is well-versed in the defense of public entity liability claims and the successful utilization of the immunities and legal defenses available to public entity clients in our handling of matters ranging from premises liability actions to sexual abuse claims.

  • Regulatory Litigation

Our attorneys represent health professionals and healthcare facilities in licensure matters such as professional board inquiries, hearings, complaints, investigation, and other disciplinary issues.

  • Commercial Litigation

Beach Law Group, LLP has successfully handled hundreds of claims involving simple to complex business/commercial matters. We are well equipped to handle the trial of any case, though focus on early evaluation of the duties owed among the involved parties as well as analysis of the value of claims to obtain the best possible resolution of for our clients.

  • Writs and Appeals

With appellate experience in many areas of substantive law, our attorneys are ready to help with almost any type of civil appeal or writ petition. Our experience, size, and focus allow us to offer unsurpassed quality and premium service to our clients.